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Increase in Population

It is estimated that world population will increase to 9.7 billion people by year 2050.

Food production needs to be DOUBLED (2X) to meet this ever increasing demand.

Land for Agriculture

Expanding land for agriculture will reduce bio-diversity, increase soil erosion and create further natural imbalance.

Water for Agriculture

70% of water extracted from world's rivers, lakes, aquafiers is used for agriculture, and this will rise 89% by the year 2050.

In developing countries, irrigation already uses 85% of extracted water.

Significant increase in Yield

Spinox 8 is able to increase the plants yield up to 500%.

(based on controlled environment laboratory test).

Increase Productivity

Spinox 8 boost in yield will increase productivity without the need to open new land for agriculture while making use of the currently available resources.

Organic Nature

Spinox 8 is organic in nature and its process, and has high absorption rate by plants, ensuring minimal impact on the environment.